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SS August Pride 806 ET  "Bella"
Sire: SS Deadwood 5103 ET
Dam: SS Augusta Pride 270 (3127 daughter)
TH and PHA Free
Owned with Cole Family Shorthorns,                     Riverside Iowa
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SS Rock On 812   
Reg#4142316, BW: 82 lbs.,  TH and PHA Free
Sire: Jake's Proud Jazz 226L
Dam: SS Augusta Pride 617 (Daughter of 5127 x Sonny)
Owners: J&J Show Cattle & Kennedy Club Calves, IA

Rock On is our herd sire, he is plain cool.  He is stout, has the rib shape, is soft made, easy fleshing, extremely hairy, and has a good disposition.  Add a little Augusta Pride and you've got a herd building machine!  Calves have been coming easy with light birth weights, safe to use on heifers.

Semen Available through Owners, Cattle Visions, and 
Genetic Horizons.
Sexed Heifer Semen available soon, contact owners.

RH 170  "Ricky Lake"  
Sire: 4D Double Vision 7/8
Dam: RH 205B 3/4 (Epinal 3/4 daughter)
TH and PHA Free
Owned with Preferred Stock Farm, 
           Atlantic Iowa
Deceased Fall 2015
KEN JR Soxs JR16  "SOXS"
Sire: DJ Engineer E309
Dam: Maine X Angus
TH and PHA Free

J&J Sinful Dreams R05  "Fantasy"
Sire: AF SL Sin City
Dam: RH 170
Deceased Spring 2015
WFR Lady Ease 955 P 
Sire: WFR Bill 6000P
Dam: WFR Ms Ease 693P
Purebred Charolais
Owned with Rodney Rod